Tuesday, February 28, 2006

this is a song...

man-cub got off the bus today, clutching this paper to his chest, with the strict warning that i NOT look at it. he proceeded on a single minded mission straight up the stairs to his bedroom to get his guitar, then asked all of us (me, t, noah and s) to gather in the living room for a performance. i got the video camera.

after 2 false (shy) starts, he sang the kayla song for us. none of the adults could look at eachother because we would have burst out laughing at how cute he was. now, if we would have laughed, his fragile psyche would have been crushed, so we held our laughter in until we cheered at the end of his warbly song and atonal strums. hilariously adorable!

he's known kayla since prenatal childbirth class. they now sit directly across from eachother on class, and recently developed a little crush on her. the younger sibs are already in love, and i regret i have no more children to betrothe to their youngest-- the baby born last wednesday for whom i knit the sweater. i'll translate the lyrics in case you can't make them out:

2 Kayla, your so butiful oh kayla. so butifulelel oh yaa aa aaa. your the butifullest girl ive ever seen. oh ya ya. your so butiful oh kayla. the end. speaks volumes, doesn't it?? he would be MORTIFIED if he knew i shared this with anyone.


christie said...

Too cute! I can't wait for the video ... H - singer/songwriter extraordinaire!
Let's go out again soon, I had fun!

Lotus Reads said...

Awwwwwwww, how very cute! Good thing you have it on camera (it's just the kind of thing high school graduation commitees love to use in those lovely presentations they make for us parents - the ones that usually have us bawling our eyes out - at our kids' graduation ceremonies) :)

sruthi said...

hahaha "the butifulest girl I have ever seen" LOLL. I love kiddy english. But with how everyone else talks now, you'd think they never mastered the concept of grammar either!