Thursday, February 09, 2006

pain au chocolat

i met thoa, zuzu and elizabeth up in hillsborough this morning for breakfast at a lovely little french bakery just down the side street from downtown. i had french toast (which at a french restaurant should just be called "toast," right?) and sausage with a cup of coffee. it was a lovely breakfast with lovely company and a lovely assortment of pastries. i hadn't been in hillsborough for years, but the drive through the country reminds me why i should do it more often. possibly if the little historic town were more of a DESTINATION i'd find a way. they do have a nice skating rink, however, and s has been dying to ice skate.
the daughterly one is fully recovered and is bouncing at full speed off the walls since she hasn't been anywhere all week. it'll be nice to have her back to school tomorrow, even if for only one day before the weekend.

got wallace & gromit: curse of the were-rabbit on dvd last night. what a masterpiece of cinematic genius! nick park deserves a medal for telling a story that is massively entertaining for kids AND the parents that have to take them to the film. clever, witty and charming.

tonight is bojangles night for our school. for all y'all not from the south, bojangles is a fast-food chick'n 'n' bisskits place. on this given night, they donate 10% of sales to the school, have balloons, face-painting, and a bike giveaway. very exciting for first grade boys.

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