Monday, February 27, 2006


let's all sit and have a nice breakfast of bacon and eggs this morning, just as my darling daughter did. she was generous enough to share with four cats and three dogs. she gives new meaning to the phrase 'playing with your food.' meanwhile, our ACTUAL dog went in to be spayed this morning. she's only 8 months old-- we've had her for almost 7-- and i kind of feel lost without her. she's my constant companion, and it's weird to not have her at my feet. i hope she's okay-- i'll go visit her later-- and she'll come home tomorrow morning. waaaa!

on another note, i finished another project. a friend of mine had a baby girl last weds, and i finished the jacket and hat just in time to give them to her. granted, they are more sized for a 2 year old, but it's the thought that counts, right? i'm pleased with the outcome and hope the whole thing doesn't come unraveled. makes me think of the sweater song by weezer..."if you want to destroy my sweater... hold this thread as i walk away..."

next, t took the kids to the aviation museum in asheboro yesterday, cementing our daughter's new ambition-- to be a soldier. she wore her jango fett costume, the closest she could find to a soldier suit in our dress-up bin. lucky boy got the flight suit and bomber jacket. anyhow, they had a blast and i got to feel like crap all by myself and file tax receipts. i got a ton done, but there is still SOOOOOO much more work to do.

was that enough miscellany? or shall i tell you about the book i just finished? maybe tomorrow.

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Lotus Reads said...

You're one busy lady! You do more with your day than I do with my week, but that's what makes your blog so interesting - you always have great stuff to share!

I just loved the picture of the little breakfast picnic, lol, takes me back a few years to when my kids were at that beautiful age.

And hey, you should have participated in the Knitting Olympics - I think it was the US vs. the rest of the world! lol Just kidding, but check out some of the knitting blogs they're always having neat competitions - knitting is so popular at the moment!