Wednesday, May 31, 2006

last bath

i'll never take you to bath ever again after this, i swear. these are photos of our last hours there before boarding the train to the comic book expo in bristol.

it was such a sunny day, the parks were loaded with people soaking up rays and playing with their kids.
everywhere we visit, t always has to go on a hunt for the local comic shop, and we found it. luckily, because of this, i also found the ugliest bath in bath. the guys at the shop were really nice, but i had drank about a gallon of water that morning, so i asked to use the toilet. the guy said to me, "have you ever seen trainspotting?" well, i had, i but there's no way it could be THAT bad, and it wasn't. i crawled down the winding stairs from the second-story shop to the basement bathroom, ducking so as not to bump my head. i felt my way along a dark little hall until i found the light switch and was instantly struck by the urge to photo and blog. it was impressively nasty, but when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. the coolest part? the seven flies in the toilet bowl that magically wouldn't flush.

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