Tuesday, July 04, 2006

happy 4th

happy 4th of july to all american readers! here are some shots from the neighborhood party we attended last night. lots of crazy kids running around reminded me of being a kid... getting to stay up late watching the show! the photo below is a complete mistake, and is better bigger, but if you look carefully you'll see h's face under the red bolt of light. crazy!
we have another reason to celebrate today! it's our baby dog's first birthday! we're having doggy cake, and doggy party hats, and doggy treats, and doggy games, and doggy... ummm... not really. that was a joke. but in all honesty, i could not have imagined that we would love, enjoy, and cherish a dog as much as we do her. it's been an almost year of real joy to have her in our family. so happy birthday to jane, the independence dog. we love you!


Lotus Reads said...
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Lotus Reads said...

Happy Birthday to lil' Jane and Happy 4th to you and the family, Melissa!

Love the pictures!

J said...

Happy Birthday Jane! What a pretty girl you are! I hope the fireworks didn't scare you as much as they scared our little Genevieve...she peed on the carpet she was so scared. :(

hellomelissa said...

thank you, lotus! we had a fun time.
j, jane just crawled inside my skin, that's all! it was pretty funny, she didn't live up to her birthright at all.

Susan in Italy said...

I'm glad you had a great 4th! That superimposed photo is really cool! I got through about half the day before realizing it was the 4th of July. Oh well.