Saturday, July 29, 2006

little sable point lighthouse

yesterday the kids, my parents, and i all ventured to the little sable (short a pronunciation) point lighthouse which is, for the first time in many years, open to the public. it's at silver lake, near the great sand dunes and fabulous tourist trappings.

there was actually a bit of a line to climb to the top, but we waited our turn. looking up at the tower was vertigo-inspiring as the clouds were passing quickly behind it, creating the illusion that it was the lighthouse moving, not the sky! we gained entry and climbed all 130 (i think) winding iron grate steps to the top, with grains of sand sifting through the upper steps and into our hair. occasionally was a landing with a window, where groups of climbers could safely pass eachother.

towards the top, there were two hatches to climb through but we really had to watch so we wouldn't bump our heads. finally, after all those steps, we emerged into the hazy, breezy day.

along the shore were people enjoying the sand and the waves and the gorgeous day that was coming. the view was so calming, i could have stayed up there all day! along the metal railing were signs stating how far it was to various places... milwaukee, muskegon, ludington, sheboygan. the kids thought they were pretty special to have been so brave to climb so high and look so far out! h said it was "almost like being in an airplane."

upon the descent, the kids played on the rocks below, careful not to dash their brains out with a fall. if we would have told them they HAD to play on those rocks for an hour, they would have moaned and groaned. but, as it was, they had a great time, and luckily, no one got hurt!

only nine days left of our time in michigan, where we were expecting a cooler summer than that of north carolina, but surprise! it's almost as hot here. at least there aren't any ticks.

we'll see what other adventures await us in the next few days! right now we're waiting for my big brother and his family to arrive for days of cousin-ly fun for the kids. even jane will have another puppy pal to dog around with!


Susan in Italy said...

Great description! Reminds me of a tower in Lecco with the narrow staircase and the relaxing view at the top. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

sruthi said...

the view is so nice! and did you actually count the # of steps to the top?:)

J said...

Beautiful pictures. :) Thanks for sharing this lovely experience.