Sunday, July 16, 2006

vacation-- day 2

see "vacation day 1," but add my gram (age 96 and still kicking), my baby brother (age 23 and still my baby brother), his girlfriend kate (shout out to my homegirl) and a 5-day-late (better late than never) birthday cake.

no photo editing software around these parts, so the photo has my boy on the left and my kate on the right.


Mr. L said...

What editing would you have done?? :)

Susan in Italy said...

God, you're tan already!

hellomelissa said...

mr l, i probably would have zoomed in on my teeth. :)

susan, the tan is a total fluke. i am the ultimate beach mummy-- covered in hats, glasses, sunscreens, towels and cover-ups. the tan must have happened while playing in the waves with the kids or something, i don't quite know!

Jillius said...

My dear Hellomelissius! It sounds so heavenly. Happy Belated Birthday! Can you see me across the lake? We'll see you next summer fer sure...if not in MI, then in the Outer Banks. Tell the family hi!
Love, jillius sneezer

Beth said...

You look so happy and relaxed, so jealous! H always looks like a mini T to me, but in this pic, he's all you. A little lost w/out you here, sure you're not missing the NC heat and our blood-sucking parasites. OFF has become my new moisturizer, I smell so pleasant. Keep enjoying yourself, you deserve it!

Susan in Italy said...

Hello Melissa, I've just tagged you for a meme. If you're interested in doing it, see this page:

(And sorry if this kind of thing is annoying)