Friday, July 14, 2006

sand therapy

well, the question is: what will rehabilitate 2 children, one dog and a frazzled mom after 15 hours in the car in only one day? keep in mind that the trip spanned 5 states: north carolina, virginia, west virginia ohio, and michigan. keep in mind that said dog is just one year old and is a working dog. keep in mind the children are 7 and 5. what is your answer?

why, SAND THERAPY of course! it's the new cure-all. never heard of it? i'm not surprised. just keep reading for an amazing example.

take the two children, mom and dog, dip them in the water of lake michigan at 10 pm after the long trip. roll them liberally in squeaky sugar sand until well coated. allow to dry, until mixture resembles crumb cake topping. rinse again with lake water, leaving a few unwashed spots. get into jammies and hop in bed, rolling all night in the leftover grit.

voila! long car trip forgotten, and a great nights' sleep for all.

try it, it works wonders!


sruthi said...

being a neat freak, that post makes me want to clean something. but it does sound like fun, and if i was in the right state of mind cough cough i think it would be a blast:)

hellomelissa said...

having children really helps knock out cleaning compulsions. just add dog hair, sunscreen and gnats to the mix and you have a sruthi nightmare!