Saturday, July 15, 2006

vacation, day 1

the morning was too early for me yesterday, so many things were lost in a semi-fog. like the camera. later in the day i snapped a few shots, but i promise to be better today and actually shoot photos at the beach.

jane found precious, my folks' cat, at about 6:30 am. growling, howling and barking ensued, now they are both terrified of eachother which is not a bad way to spend 3 weeks. it was a bit early for yours truly, but mom and i made the best of it by taking jane for a long beach walk.

the kids hit the beach IMMEDIATELY upon waking, and we spent until noon playing in the calm waves on the warm but overcast morning. it was a good time for me to catch up on that endless pile of books i've been meaning to read... hopefully the pile will have decreased by the time i get back home!

jane is in dog heaven. i think yesterday must have been the best day she's had in her entire year of life. she ran, walked, rolled, swam, chased and played. she loves the water, and the dog next door-- a year-old golden named duke.

happily, i napped in the afternoon, and the kids played indoor games until we were all ready to hit the beach yet again. all that stair climbing makes for powerful glutes, i'll tell ya! gets the blood pumping. h prefers another form of exercise at the cottage... the treadmill. do you believe it? all this nature and he can't wait to go in the basement and run a few miles on the treadmill. i've thought of getting one at home for his use, but no sooner would i purchase one (and find a darn place to put it) then he would think it a chore to run on it.

altogether a successful first day of vacation. however, this internet connection is s-s-s-s-s-o-o-o-o-o-o s-s-s-l-l-l-l-l-l-o-o-o-o-o-w-w-w-w i think i may as well tap a morse code telegram. hellomelissa in michigan stop. having fun with kids stop. wish you were here stop.


Susan in Italy said...

Ahhh.. Lake Michigan (I'm assuming) vacations... When I was a kid I so loved going to my aunt and uncle's cottage in Wisconsin to swim, sail and run around. Have a blast! P.S. do the natives there call tourists "fudgies"?

hellomelissa said...

yes! lake michigan indeed. and we did call tourists "fudgies!" and from what i understand, the term originated on mackinac island because of the proliferation of fudge shops there. growing up and spending only the summers here, i was considered a "summer person." if you're a geography buff, check your michigan map. we're a few miles north of the silver lake sand dunes.

Jay said...

There is just something wrong about a kid getting exercise indoors. Willingly.

Mr. L said...

"Having fun with kids stop"...yeah, I feel that way after an hour at a kids' birthday party!

Kate said...

I'm so excited to see you guys! be there in a few hours! =)

hellomelissa said...

jay-- i agree. but how to stop them? at home we have an inflatable jumping castle that i blow up in the living room on rainy days... but somehow that's different than a treadmill, huh?

mr l, i avoid those things like the plague! t and i actually fight over who has to go to a kids' party. didn't master l just have his birthday? no wonder you're fed up!