Monday, July 10, 2006

they say it's your birthday!

it's my birthday.

i'm three decades plus three years old today.

i want to thank my friends and family for making me feel truly loved on this day. i'm counting my blessings.



Sean Phillips said...

Happy birthday Melissa, hope you have a great day!

Beth said...

Happy B-Day! Hope you had a great day and got lots of goodies! Cheers to the thirties--old enough to be experienced but without the wrinkles!

sruthi said...

ohgosh happy belated!!! :) sorry i've been gone for a while, i've been taking some trips and doing summery things in the city (gotta take advantage of the 3-4 months of warm weather we get) so i haven't been blogging...but i will put some pictures up soon, and hope you had a wonderful day!!!:)

J said...

Hey, you have the same birthday as another blogging buddy of mine,

Interesting. Also, my sister was due to give birth yesterday, but unfortunately, she will not share the birthday with you and Wendy.

No matter, hope it was LOVELY and you had some ice cream. :)

hellomelissa said...

thanks, y'all!

j, i'll have to check wendy's blog since we're PRACTICALLY RELATED! :) it's fun to have a birthday brother or sister.

sruthi, it's so good to know you're alive and kicking, and having an adventurous summer! wave to me across the lake... i'll be there in a few more days.

Susan in Italy said...

Happt Belated Birthday Melissa! Hope you had a good one.