Friday, July 21, 2006

tag! i'm meme-d!

thank you, susan, for the tag. here goes...

Five Things in My Freezer (i'm not at home, so i'll guess)
1. tyson's popcorn chicken bites--h's favorite
2. eggo nutrigrain waffles-- kids' favorite
3. mom's homemade raspberry freezer jam
4. a goodly supply of lean cuisine frozen meals
5. hash browns

i'll add a funny anecdote here about the time my mom kept a dead bird in her freezer until she could correctly identify it!

Five Things in My Closets (i'll use my master closet)
1. five bags of old stuff needing to get to the thrift shop
2. several cookbooks
3. boxes of stationery
4. a small black dresser
5. a stack of unsewed fabric

Five Things in My Car (we're travelling so it's stuffed)
1. uneaten bits of dog food
2. darth vader video game
3. peanut m & m's
4. 5 dvd's
5. a box with toothpicks, straws, salt and motrin

Five Things in My Purse
1. beloved ipod
2. camera
3. coupon for old navy
4. gum-- 'extra' bubble gum flavor
5. packet of ketchup

Five People to Be Tagged Next (if you see this and choose to do it... those with no blogs are free to post in the comment section)
1. mr. l
2. sruthi!
3. beth
4. kate
5. mom or dad


Mr. L said...

Tagged...damn, I should learn to run faster - LOL! OK, I'll do something with it when I have more time and can work up enough courage to look in the freezers.

Susan in Italy said...

HelloMelissa, Jealous of the iPod, gotta get me one of those.. And I take umbridge (sp?) at the fact that you diss your cookbooks so, by putting them in the closet! Tsk tsk.

hellomelissa said...

ok, susan, you piqued my curiosity, and i had to look up the spelling. the word has a fascinating root-- check it out:

um·brage ( P ) Pronunciation Key (mbrj)
Offense; resentment: took umbrage at their rudeness.

Something that affords shade.
Shadow or shade. See Synonyms at shade.
A vague or indistinct indication; a hint.

[Middle English, shade, from Old French, from Latin umbrticum, neuter of umbrticus, of shade, from umbra, shadow.]

you learn something new every day! and there ARE two shelves of cookbooks in the kitchen, but i'm a bit squeezed for space, so the lesser-used go in the closet.

booklogged said...

ooohhhhh...frozen raspberry jam! Homemade, no less. Your mother must be a saint to share.