Thursday, August 31, 2006


both kids got on the bus this morning to go to school. i dropped t off at the airport on his way to toronto for the weekend comic expo. he'll be there with his buddies, the blvd, for anybody reading this who may be going.

on the way back from the airport, i thought of all the places i could go, all alone, and take all the time i wanted, just looking. as i passed store after mall after strip mall, i thought that honestly i just wanted to come home and be ALONE. i have until 3:10 today, then 8 hours tomorrow to just be by myself, with my own thoughts.

being ALONE is something that has been utterly elusive to me as the mother of two, and the wife of a work-from-home husband. chaos and goings-on have been ingrained in my psyche for so long, i've forgotten the therapeutic quality of peace with oneself. there are a million things that need doing around here, especially outside. but THANK YOU ernesto for pounding us with torrential rains, granting me a temorary reprieve from yardwork. the house could use some work, too, but that can be done WITH kids and husband around. plus, my ipod is on the blink (sniff) and i can't do housework without it.

i think i'll eat yummy food, namely the QUART of delicious tomato-basil soup i picked up from nantucket cafe. maybe i'll take a nap. paint, knit, read, and pet the animals. maybe a soak in a blazing hot bathtub. perhaps play MY music REALLY LOUD in the house with no one to complain of my yodeling along. and at the end of my two selfish days, i think i'll be a whole lot better equipped to handle the rest of the world again. don't you??


J said...

OMG, I used to CRAVE alone time like you can't even imagine. My husband would be talking to me, or my daughter, and I would think...SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Which wasn't very nice of me, was it? Different people have differnt levels of needing time alone...they don't seem to need as much as I do.

Anyway, it's gotten better since Maya's not so small anymore, and is more able to take care of herself. And I work from home now, which makes a huge difference. Now when they talk, I almost want to hear what that noise might be about. ;)


Lotus Reads said...

Oh Melissa, enjoy this alone time for you definitely deserve it, and if you get lonely, I'm just one e-mail away! :)

Mr. L said...

That's what I thought, too, but it seems I've spent my time working on the cars and/or the computer...maybe NEXT week...

hellomelissa said...

j, i didn't think i needed time alone this much, until i got some! now i feel like the grumpy old troll under the bridge! one day down, one to go. think i'll jump back in bed.

lotus, i know i can always depend on you being an email away! thank you, my friend.

mr l, you GET a next week of being alone. my next alone day is in november. now you see why i'm being lazy and selfish!

booklogged said...

The last few years (maybe 10-15) I have craved alone time and haven't had much. I need it in BIG amounts. Since school's started again and I'm only working every other day, I'm getting much neeeded solitude. I'm hoping I get more productive with this time as the weeks roll by. This week I've spent too much time reading blogs. It's sure been fun.