Thursday, August 17, 2006

huntin' dawg

we were just about to head upstairs for the night when t asked, "where's jane?"

"probably outside," i responded. "go call for her."

after calling her, he came in and said, "don't let her kiss you." and then, "i'm gonna throw up."

"what?" i wondered.

"go look on the front porch," he said, with his face buried in the collar of his shirt.

there, on the front porch, right in front of the door, lay (and still lays) a rabbit head. yes, a rabbit head, no body. again, i don't feel the need to take a photo for blogability.

and we thought border collies were herding dogs. guess this one has a dual purpose. maybe the mouse on the rug yesterday wasn't the cat after all?

hopefully the wild animals will dispose of the evidence.

GOOD doogy. GOOD doggy.


Mr. L said...

I had a cat once that had a litter, and when she decided it time for them to start eating solid food, she went outside and killed a squirrel. She ran into the house with it and started jamming the body under the door to the room where the kittens were. The kittens started trying to pull it under. Needless to say, all this did was wedge the corpse under the door. It took about 15 minutes to get the cats away from it and get it "unstuck". What fun.

Lotus Reads said...

Well, on the good side, your house will always be free of mice! How does she get on with the cat? ;)

Susan in Italy said...

Wow. Doesn't it just make you sad? Well, I mean it's the most natural thing, but I'm not used to nature I guess. Just got back from vacation where we had to shoo (and throw water at) hunting dogs who were trying to get at a cat mom and her one remaining kitten who had taken refuge with us. We guess the others met their maker through the dogs too, ugh!

Beth said...

Gotta love them! George eats only the bunny heads, so I tend to have headless presents left for me. He brought a live bird in the house yesterday--it was quite hilarious trying to catch it flying around with George and Wendy chasing behind trying to get it first. Think the cat door is getting locked.