Tuesday, August 29, 2006

tweetsie railroad

although s's birthday was over 2 months ago, her fondest wish was to go to tweetsie railroad-- a small western themed family park in the mountains. we meant to go before the trip to michigan, but torrential flooding near boone kept us home. the poor kid waited ALL THIS TIME for her birthday present! and when i found out kate was coming here for a visit, i bound her hands and feet, gagged her, and forced her into a trip to tweetsie with us. we rustled up our finest cowpoke duds, and went on a three-hour tour. well, only 2 hours and 40 minutes, but who's counting?

for some unknown reason, blogger decided to underline THAT WHOLE PARAGRAPH to make it more important.
while vacationing at kid paradise--disneyworld-- last november, s woefully lamented the fact that there was no mouse train like at tweetsie. the mouse train is a uber-creepy day-glo tunnel where animated mice "mine" for cheese while singing an inane song. even more bizarre than "it's a small world." luckily, the memory of the mouse train had tarnished-- we were only forced to ride it once. it was thrown over in favor of the throw up rides, namely, the tilt-a-whirl and the twister.
the weather in the mountains was sunny and gorgeous that day, and the views from the chair lift (and from the top of the ferris wheel) over the blue ridge mountains were lovely. we sat on big fake (yet anatomically correct) horses, pet goats and deer, ate a chili-slaw footlong hotdog, and rode on little cars. 6 hours worth.

the pinnacle of the tweetsie experience is a ride on a real live steam train, complete with skinny college boys making summer bucks playing unintelligible cowboys in a western shoot-em-up train robbery farce. whooooooo-weee! if i knew what they may have been sdaying, it might have been funny! as it stands, i really enjoyed the scenery. the best part of this ride, however, i'll share with you next. the woman sitting 2 seats ahead of us had arm hair SO Long that it was curling up about 2 inches off her arm. now, i'm not an impeccable groomer myself, but even i would have shaved this off. or at least trimmed it up. the photo doesn't do it justice. it was unbelievable.


Cara S. said...

Oh, my. I am somewhat hairy due to my Mexican heritage. Buuuuut, that is terrible. That looks fake. Did she have facial hair? Yikes.

Lotus Reads said...

The Tweetsie Railroad with a ride on a real steam train looks and sounds awesome, Melissa, the kids obviously had a bunch of fun!

Oh, and that hairy arm sure got my attention - since most of the pictures were of your family, for just one nanosecond I thought it might be your arm around H.! :)))

booklogged said...

Bless her heart! Isn't that a shame? I've always been fair, blonde hair, etc. and it's been great. Now that I've passed through the big M I've been getting darker hairs on my upper lip and even some wiry hairs on my chin. I'm hating all this plucking! EGADS it's the pits getting old.