Monday, August 28, 2006

the second first day

it seems so backward, that h should have his first day first, and s should have first day second, but that's the way it works around here. the rationale? staggered kindergarten first days. it makes sense that the teachers only have 5 or so kids in their class the first day to get them used to the whole idea of kindergarten. but now, after all this excitement, s doesn't get to go back until thursday. bummer.

she was just beaming with excitement, probably most of it over riding that pimped-out bus to school. jay queried the purpose behind the blacked out windows of the shiny new bus, and all i can think of is, you know, celebrity. the don't want the paparrazzi following them around.

anyhow, i'm officially childless for the whole rest of the day. one small leap for s, one giant leap for mommy. good thing the ^%#$ cat needs to go to the vet. it'll keep my mind off of not being a preschool parent anymore. a little bit of my identity in the past.

just a quick postscipt on the cat. james tiberius "tibby" cat. yes, i know, we're helpless geeks. he's almost 11 years old, and has been, is, and ever will be the living proof that even beautiful creatures can be E V I L. and he has just recently taken to peeing and pooping on the *only* good rug i have in the house. no, the vet visit isn't euthanasia-related, just his shots, but i'm still looking for the redeeming qualities in this cat after all these years.


J said...

Happy first first day, and second first day! Today was Maya's first day of school as well. She's going into 5th grade, which means next year, I'll be the proud parent of a middle school student! ACK!

Susan in Italy said...

Hey Melissa, just think of all the great books you can read from morning to mid-afternoon! (Or maybe art projects?, God, I'm such a geek! Whaddya call an "art project" for a professional artist?)