Friday, August 25, 2006

magic bus

the magic bus came this morning.

the shining, brand new, air conditioned, blacked-out-window bus came for my boy. and took him away. for the WHOLE day.

yes, folks, that's right. it's that time yet again, the first day of school. more specifically, the first day of second grade for my big baby boy. it's so exciting for him; he loves school and the bus especially. he likes his new teacher and has lots of old friends in class. even his great pal and on again/ off again flame -- morgyn-- is in his class. how lucky can a kid be??

me, well, i'm not suffering the empty nest quite yet. that comes on monday when my baby girl boards that same magic bus with her big brother and goes off to the great big world of kindergarten. THEN mommy is stuck at home wondering what her kids are doing, missing them terribly.

luckily kate is visiting from michigan and she is helping me keep my mind off the empty nest syndrome by power shopping. we've been all over the area at all the malls, stores, boutiques and shops you can imagine. i'm sure we could keep ourselves busy for many more days, but i'd go broke. plus, she's leaving tomorrow-- with a heavier bag-- and we'll miss her.


Jay said...

What's with the blacked out windows? Are these famous children, sun-sensitive, etc, etc?

Lotus Reads said...

Awww, Melissa, I know how you feel! Wish you lived closer we could have hit a coffee shop and sobbed into our lattes together. H. is going to enjoy full day school, he'll regale you with stories when he gets back at teatime!