Friday, August 11, 2006

okay, i'm back!

we did somehow manage to arrive safely (if not quite mentally soundly) on monday night very late. don't know if i mentioned my wonderful pop, who flew to nc, drove us to michigan, then drove us back home, and flew back to michigan again. valiant man, and BRAVE! he is.

upon re-entry i needed to do some computer updates and the internet explorer one messed up my java and cookies or something, requiring some amount of instruction following and protocol. to me, java and cookies are a latte and a biscotti, so it was all very confusing to me. after all was said and done, i am finally finally able to post again.

i miss everyone, and look forward to getting back in the loop. more stories to follow.


J said...

Yahoo for more stories.

Mr. L said...

Welcome back...I'll take a mocha latte...