Tuesday, August 15, 2006

upstairs, downstairs

here in nc we're slogging, eyes at half mast, through the last muggy weeks of summer before the start of school. thus, not much of interest has happened, unless you count a bunch of playdates, a handful of video games, and some walks around the block with the dog. so, i'll take you back to michigan with me, a post i shoulda coulda woulda done THERE if the internet connection was faster and less fuzzy.

since i mentioned walking the hill to and from the beach so many times, i thought i'd give you some shots of the path i've pounded about a zillion times, in a few different incarnations, since i was about 6 years old. between the upper steps and the lower steps is a short hilly path with some homemade dirt steps, too.

see, where my parents now make their permanent residence was once our summer cottage, where we went to escape the suburbs of indianapolis on any available weekends or vacations. about ten years ago, after living in suburban detroit for a few years, they decided to make the cottage their home for good, and added some nice things like, oh, a furnace and such to make it more liveable. voila! a home on the big lake.


Mr. L said...

When I was a kid, my uncle's brother owned a cabin that he NEVER used. So, my uncle and aunt (and another uncle and aunt) kept the place up for around 30 years. When it came time to sell, they refused to sell it to my uncle because they could get so much more for it from strangers! It was eventually converted into a year-round place, too.

Lotus Reads said...

Wow, I LOVE the pictures, Melissa! Do you and the kids do Michigan every summer? I'll bet your kids have a blast there! More pics, please!

hellomelissa said...

mr. l, that stuff happens too frequently in families, doesn't it? we're (my brothers and i) working on my folks to put what would be our inheritance into a trust for the cottage instead of cash. keep your fingers crossed that it works, and another generation can enjoy the summers that i and my children have enjoyed.

lotus... i'm trying to post more michigan pics, but blogger is giving me a minor headache. i'll make you a deal-- a bunch of india pics in trade for ones of michigan! deal??