Friday, October 06, 2006

book (lack of) organization

this post idea comes from lotus, and if you want to check out her visually stunning solution, please visit her blog! she was wondering how others organized (or didn't organize) their book collections.

it made me laugh to think of our home and studio... littered and riddled with stacks, rows, and shelves of books and dvds. i took a few photos and after doing so, the situation seemed even funnier! i had never realized the extent of our organized disorganization of books.

i'll start in the house, on the first floor. here we find a barrister cabinet with assorted dolls, reference books, and "keeper" books. most of my finished books are given away, but a few i only loan. they are not at all organized.
below is the front hall, which came in handy as a place to hold t's extraordinarily extensive dvd library (as well as a few childrens books). he organizes entirely by genre and can easily find any one of his films. don't even ASK how many there are, i have NO IDEA.moving along up the stairwell to the second floor we have our room with a few scattered piles of books to be read immediately or books that have been read that need to be sent or given away. i forgot a photo of the kids' playroom with one full bookshelf of kids books.
head up the stairs toward the penthouse, as we affectionately call the room on the third floor, and you'll find books waiting to go up or down.
to be continued in book (lack of) organization partII... stay tuned!


booklogged said...

There's that beautiful orange bookshelf again. It's not very deep. I wonder if I could build one like that in my upstairs hallway. Is it deeper than 8 inches? I love your color scheme in the front hall and by the barrister cabinets. Very rich and elegant.

hellomelissa said...

thank you, booklogged! my house is painted in, like, 42 different colors to match my ever-changing moods.