Friday, October 06, 2006

books part II

**please read part one first (below). sorry for the confusion, but blogger was giving me fits.

here we are aaaallllll the way at the top (sing with me, now! "well we're movin' on up...") in the penthouse, where i keep my tbr (to be read) shelf as well as a few photo albums.
that's the end of the "house" section of the book tour. if we head outside and take the left-hand fork in the driveway, we end up at t's art studio. here he is, working, and posing in front of a portion of his book and cd collection. like the dvds, they are arranged by genre.

more, and more. below are laserdiscs. remember those??usptairs in the studio, i was able to gingerly tiptoe through the "stuff" to come across another collection of books.whew! so there you have it. i can't believe what idiotic bibliophiles we are. crazy!

now the question is... where and how do you keep YOUR books????


J said...

Wow...that's a lot of books. But you don't keep yours? You're not a rereader, I guess. Sigh. It's hard for me to get rid of books. I might need them again. But sometimes I think I should just give them all away, because I'd have a lot more room.

Frustrating: deciding to get rid of a book, because well, I will probably never read it again, and besides, I can get it at the library if I need it. Then, I NEED it 15 years later or something stupid, and it's out of print and the library sold their copy years ago and THEN what the hell do I do? Do you feel my pain? No? I didn't think so. But I bet your husband does. ;)

Anonymous said...

Lordy, Melissa, between you and T. you guys have a LOT of books!!! And with H. being the reader he is, I see your collection growing and growing! When we visit bibliophiles, I make a beeline for the book case(s) - there is something so exciting about seeing one packed with books, it's like a treasure trove and I cannot wait to discover the treasures it's hiding!

To answer your question, most of my books are shelved with the exception of a few odd ones on my nightstand and others on my computer table. Besides the shelves I have in my study we have some sturdy steel ones in the basement and I also use the shelves of a vacant cupboard!

I've really enjoyed this post and the pictures - thanks for the treat!

Beth said...

I store my books at the library, but I tend to have more confidence than most folks in the search/retrieval skills of librarians since I work with them. I do have a few favorites I keep hold of. Not so much for the story written on the pages by the author, but for the memories I scribbled in the margins or the teeth marks baby Em made because I left it in her reach, etc.
Didn't realize T was so organized--William could use some help organizing his album and beer can collection.

Mr. L said...

Our books are "arranged" as follows:
- two 6' bookcases in the living room, no particular order and overflowing with books tucked in on their sides, etc.
- two 6' bookcases in the dining room filled with cookbooks...same "order" as the others.
- about ten boxes in the garage that never got unpacked after our last move (we moved three times in a year and a half, so boxes got to be the norm).

Usually, though, I can find whatever book I'm looking for (carbon dating!!).

My CDs are overly-arranged, alphabetically. They have to be. It's the only way to find anything, because there are 3000+.

I have to agree with J: I just re-read three books I first read in the 80s. They just popped into my mind one day, and I'm glad I still had them (they are out-of-print now as far as I know). It does make moving a lot more difficult - I spent an entire day and had to use a separate truck just to move the video/audio.

booklogged said...

Enjoyed this fun book tour. Now I want to see floorplans. Does anyone else love floorplans, besides me? I'm more like you, Melissa, I read a book and give it away. I just don't reread books. The only ones I hold on to are ones I've marked in.

Jay said...

I don't have a lot of books hanging around. A few I hang on to for sentimental reasons, but only 2-3 bookcases' worth. The rest I like to leave in random places, and hope that someone will findthem and love them.

hellomelissa said...

jay, if you like to release books, you should try bookcrossing!

hellomelissa said...

booklogged, i don't have a floorplan for my house to show you, but yes! i love them too. especially when we were thinking about building a house.

Susan in Italy said...

Oh I would just love to be able to peruse those book shelves (so many!) to what great finds you have things I've read too (or not). That's always fun when you go to somebody's house. That and the CD collection!

scott said...

This is awesome, Melissa. I'm a total book hoarder - can't bear to let 'em go, especially if they are potential rereaders, but even they aren't.

When we walked into what would end up being our house six years ago, we saw the two huge built-in bookshelves in the living room and said to each other "this is the place."

We keep it pretty well-organized (who am I kidding - obsessively well organized - broken into several section, each one alpha by author). Then there is the overflow shelf in the spare bedroom - unorganized. And the oveflow overflow pile on my desk. And the bird and garden books in the back room. And the cookbooks in the kitchen (our house actually has a pretty good-sized built-in in the kitchen, another strong selling point for us.

Thanks for sharing.