Wednesday, October 25, 2006

my week

monday was a trip to the pumpkin patch with the kindergarteners and a trip to the doctor for h's hand wart removal.

tuesday found h sick in bed (now that s is all better, of course), so no volunteering at school. got my grocery shopping done instead and saved $17 in coupons!

today both t and h are sinusy messes, so we turned the bathroom into a steam room using a space heater and a humidifier. i'm attempting to sew a pirate coat by next tuesday for h's halloween costume. of course, none of the store-bought were quite right, so he chose a lovely dark red curly velvet. it's coming together nicely, but leaves little floaty fuzzums all over the kitchen table and floor. i'll have fuzzy red boogers for a week.

tonight christie will come over and watch trashy reality tv with me ('america's next top model' and 'the biggest loser') while we sip cheap wine. but alas, no more project runway until next season. *sniff!*

tomorrow i'm sending the boy back to school and I'M GOING TO THE GYM before one of the muscles in my neck snaps. a walk in the freezing cold each morning this week does nothing for my cardio strength or my muscles, but it sure does make the dog happy.


Jay said...

I used to walk half an hour to and from work every day, and on the winter mornings when I was running late, I would trot along at such a good pace that inside my winter coat I had sweat on my body, which cooled rapidly and was soon icy in my armpits. Nice. So I feel your cold walk pains.

I hope everyone in your house will soon return to good health.

I attempted to make Halloween costumes on a whim once. I had no evidence, but believed that if I tried, I would automatically know how to sew. I wasn't too bad either, but I lack the patience and follow-through to complete large projects. I think my attention span is more "sew buttons" than "sew elaborate costumes".

J said...

I had to hem my pants the other day, and it almost killed me. So hats off to you, Melissa! :)

I walk two miles a day with the dog....but your post explains to me why my muscles are still all squishy.

beenzzz said...

Sorry the kids are sick. I have some yucky sinus thing this morning too. I need to get some exercise myself. I'd better get my butt to the gym. You've inspired me! :)

booklogged said...

I'm hooked on 'the biggest loser' too. I always feel bad when they have to send someone home. Next week sounds exciting. Hope everyone is feeling better and all are back to school.

Anonymous said...

Melissa, I know exactly what you guys are going through, we're sick, too! ugggh!

Can't wait to see H.'s costume, you really are a wiz with that sewing machine!

S. (my 11-year old) has been wanting to learn how to sew ever since we got back from India, but the lady who gives lessons to kids has a waiting list a mile long. Apparently giving sewing lessons can be a lucrative business!

Get well soon, all of you!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am jealous of you in the first paragraph, after that I just feel sorry for you and then you have me in stitching by the last two paragraphs.