Monday, October 16, 2006

orange glo your sunday!

there's this great product out there for any of you with hardwood floors. it's called orange glo hardwood floor refinisher, and i can unequivocally recommend the product as well as the results it brings. what i cannot recommend, however, is the intense amount of LABOR required to make the product work. at the end of the day, it brings a great satisfaction to see the wood floors that had been marred by 4 years of neglect, spills, pee, poop, dirt, dust, dog hair, grime, barf, scratches, dents, YOU NAME IT.... just SHINE.

yes, this is how i spent my day on sunday. t took the kids... well... i won't spill the beans on WHERE they went because i'm trying desperately to get him to guest blog about it (any amount of clamoring in the comments section may help to convince him). anyhow, they were gone all day, and i decided to undertake the monumental task of refinishing the floor in the kitchen eating area ONLY.

first i cleared the kitchen of EVERYTHING. it was eerily empty and echoey. it reminded me of moving days. however, in the living room, furniture was packed in so that no amount of actual living could possibly be done there. but no matter. i had to first sweep and vaccuum the whole floor TWICE. i was a good girl and scrubbed the woodwork after this. the next step is to mop the floor TWICE and let it dry completely. after this, the refinisher is ready to be applied. you evenly spread the stuff over the whole floor, then no one (or no thing) can walk on it for at least an hour. this meant that jane and i took a nice long walk around the 'hood. i wanted to apply a second coat, but for this i needed to wait yet another hour. after the second coat was done (and much laundry in the interim) the furniture can't be replaced for 24 MORE hours. sigh. this means that the project wasn't entirely done until this afternoon, when i heaved all the furniture back into place (carefully scrubbing each bit of it first).

i'd post the photo of it all finished, but blogger won't let me. i'll try tomorrow morning. promise.


Susan in Italy said...

Gorgeous gorgeous! Sounds like you had a really industrious Sunday.

beenzzz said...

Nice floors. We have hardwood floors in our home too. Maybe I should buy some orange glo and get them to shine up some. They look all dull and yucky. Nice work!!!!

Anonymous said...

But don't you just feel fantastic now that it is all done?

booklogged said...

That floor looks fabulous! What a day you put in, but I'll bet you're enjoying life today. I absolutely love all the beautiful colors you've painted your walls.

maryfran said...

It really looks fantastic. I guess I'll have to break down and get some orange-glo. The Bruce flooring stuff just doesn't look that good. Do you suppose it's my flooring????

I want to hear about the Sunday outing from your guest blogger.

J said...

I also want to hear from the guest blogger. ;)

You have a beautiful home...homey, and yet so pretty as well. Good job on the floors.

hellomelissa said...

susan-- thank you!! i really do love my wood floors.

beenzzz-- be sure to leave a whole day for the experience. good luck!

angela-- yes! it feels great especially since i am a master of the half-done task.

booklogged-- thank you! i've said before that our house is a kazillion different colors.

mom-- i'm afraid that this product would only seal in the stains and peel that make the floor look old now. :(

j-- that's so nice of you! our main goal is the homey part. if it lands somewhere in the pretty dept, it's pure luck!

still working on the guest blogger. he's a busy guy, you know!

Anonymous said...

Oooooooooh, beautiful!!! Can't talk now, off to buy some "Orange Glo"! :)) Thanks for the headsup, Melissa, your floors really do look all shiney and new!

Anonymous said...

Ooops, shiny! (was so excited at the prospect of getting my floors to look as gorgeous as yours, I forgot how to spell!)