Tuesday, October 17, 2006

tuesday miscellany

here's the promised, although grainy, photo of the cluttered but clean kitchen with the shiny, shiny floor.

i'll throw in a bonus d'oh story, dedicated to beenzzz, who wrote about cosmopolitan martinis just the other day. last night after replacing the furniture and blogging on the whole experience, i was tiredly mixing up some cosmos for t and i, so we could snuggle on the sofa and watch movies while elegantly sipping cocktails from way cool martini glasses. somehow, without even noticing, i grabbed the KOOL-AID instead of the cranberry juice and shook it in with the alcohol. when i poured out, i knew that something must be wrong for the drink looked like this:

the pink day-glo might light up your insides! no matter, and no need to waste perfectly good vodka and triple sec, we drank it anyway. the secret is that there's a goodly amount of cranberry juice mixed in with the kool-aid for the benefit of my fruit-hating son. but don't tell! he's never guessed.


booklogged said...

Not a martini drinker myself, but I sure thought the story was funny. Classy glasses.

The floor looks marvelous. If it was me, I'd keep everyone out for a week so I could just enjoy it.

Susan in Italy said...

I really love your retro chomed-out kitchen table and chairs. They'd go so well with my turquise-accented Jetsons dinner plates from Grandma.

beenzzz said...

Your kitchen is so awesome. I love it! I'm sorry you got kool-aid instead of the delicious cosmo. Man, I can use one of those right now!

J said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous. I have kitchen envy. ;)

That drink looks like a star trek drink. Was it still good?

hellomelissa said...

booklogged-- cosmos are less martini, more girly-drink. sweet and yummy!

susan-- thank you! we got that funny kitchen set a few years back, thinking that vinyl and laminate were a good choice for a family with small children. sometime you'll have to post about your grandma's plates so i can see them!

beenzzz and j-- i always see my kitchen as cluttered, but thank you for the compliments! the kool-aid martini was okay, but nothing i'd choose to do ever again!

Mr. L said...

THAT'S "cluttered"??? Um....no, I'm not going to take a picture of my kitchen...but rest assured, that's NOT clutter!!