Friday, October 27, 2006


last night we had plans to meet our friend rebecca and her kids at the spanking new mcdonalds with the indoor playplace for dinner and some play time. the kids had been bugging to go there since the grand re-opening, so it was a great opportunity to go and also to play with friends. not to mention the haute cuisine available!

we met rebecca and her husband almost exactly 8 years ago on the first night of childbirth class. she was pregnant with her first, kayla (of 'o beautiful kayla' song fame for those of you who may remember that post), and i was pregnant with h. both kevin and rebecca were police officers, and had a horse farm waaaay out in the middle of nowhere. our babies played together, and we became fast friends.

shortly after had her second baby, austin, s was born, creating the next generation of friendship. s and austin "fell in love" in preschool, and are still planning their wedding. since they both want to be fighter pilots, it's a military life for them at this point. rebecca and i are thinking that arranged marriage doesn't sound so bad at this point!

that horse farm waaay in the middle of nowhere somehow didn't seem quite so far when we considered moving when s was a year old. we moved to within 5 minutes of them, and now all the kids would end up in school together. we discovered the joys of living in the country that rebecca had been espousing all along!

which brings us to last night, our kids all playing while t, rebecca and i all played with her third child, 9 month old logan. not a whole lot of actual EATING was happening, although logan was thoroughly enjoying her baby treats, and t was thoroughly enjoying entertaining the baby. it is SO CUTE to watch a big, full-grown, burly man turn to mush at a cute little baby. especially when that man is your husband. he snuggled and she giggled and he got his "baby fix." he's gotta get it SOMEWHERE 'cause he sure isn't gonna get it HERE! :)

then austin proceeded to give s her very first shiner-- due to a face-to-skull collision on the slide. ahhh, the memories.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great. I am always amazed at how many posts I read would make great short stories. I think this is one. You have so much going on, literary speaking. Aside from that, sounds like a good fun memory for your kids and for mom and dad.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading this post, Melissa. Nothing like an evening out with old friends who have children the same age as yours. I added that bit about children being the same age because all our friends (even though we're all in the same age group) have kids much younger than ours and it's getting to be a pain in the neck trying to organize family get-togethers - our kids feel left out and more often than not, choose not to come.

And that bit about T. bonding with the baby, awwww, that was cute!