Wednesday, January 25, 2006

mystery date part 1

my loving husband asks me a few days ago...

what are you doing wednesday night??

well, i wasn't doing anything at all, so he immediately set to work planning a surprise for me. who doesn't love a surprise, especially when it comes by way of a thoughtful gesture by a husband?? he's known for his full-on excellent surprises, so i can hardly wait. last time it was a whole night, sans kids, at the nicest italian restaurant/hotel in town-- complete with strawberries and champage. for tonight, all i know is to dress casual yet trendy, it starts at 8, and that it's in raleigh. he even booked the babysitter. he deserves a cookie.

it's just a shame that my head feels like a chunk of concrete sitting atop my shoulders. these sinuses are KILLING me! i'm sure it's the wacky weather we've been experiencing. the unseasonable warmth is creating early bloom, and the rain systems going through are exacerbating the effect. claritin-d haze in full swing, i'm goin' out tonight!

i even went to the gym ONLY for the steam room this morning. talk about guilt.

a post is a promise tomorrow so we can all know the fate of my mystery date.

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Lotus Reads said...

Sounds like a wonderful date has been planned! I will be waiting for a report with bated breath!