Friday, January 27, 2006

getting crafty

one would think that i didn't have anything better to do with my time...

one would be wrong. i have MANY MANY MANY more important things to do with my time, but took the time to make a little fuzzy blanket bunny instead. do you believe it??

we picked up the fabric yesterday at joann's since we (s & i) had to be there to help emma choose a pattern and notions for a skirt. i volunteered to teach emma how to sew on her school break.

anyhow, my daughter wouldn't rest until the bunny she chose a pattern and fabric for was DONE, so we took 4 hours out of the day and accomplished the task. she talked and talked and talked and talked and talked while i worked. lots of "look at this, mommy!!!" which was difficult to do while sewing a bunny blanket.

it's done now, and i can move along to more important yet far more boring chores, and my daughter is thrilled with the blanket she named "honey." maybe i'll make a few more for baby gifts in my "spare" time.

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Lotus Reads said...

Prioritizing is an art and you've got it down pat! Not to get all philosophical on you or anything,lol, but too many of us are rushing around doing the so called "important" things and we never have enough energy or time for these highly enjoyable but seemingly frivolous actitities! I say,let's do more blanket bunnies!!!