Thursday, January 19, 2006

paint the urf

the kids have two teacher workdays off from school, so we're trying to clear the empty promises area of my conscience. first, i had been postponing an expensive trip to the pottery painting place for oh, say, two years. it is called paint the earth, but with a 7 year old speech impediment, my son says "urf."

if my children cared to paint something USEFUL, i may take them there more often. however, they will predictably choose a pikachu statue that will live in a dusty corner of a household shelf for all eternity. but i digress. h actually chose well with a trinket box shaped as a castle (minor usefulness). the daughter on the other hand picked a large sleeping cat sculpture. sigh.

i chose a large square-bottomed coffee mug (see below). you will NOT need coffee on any morning that you choose this mug, because its' garish design will certainly keep you awake all day, if not all night.

i'll post the final products after they are done being glazed.

in the meantime, you may be wondering what i have to endure tomorrow in order to clear this conscience. unfortunately, it's chuck-e-cheese's. ugh. i avoid that place like the plague, exactly BECAUSE i'm afraid one of us might GET the plague there. why kids like it is beyond me. maybe some of them are representative of the wild and crazy tv ads, but NOT the one here. it stinks. i'm hoping that with this trip, i will be able to successfully avoid the place for another year or two.


mom said...

didn't know the kids had time off from school. Fun!! Have enjoyed your blogs and have read nearly all of them. Laughed at the pic. of your dad (think he was about 24 at the time. Hope this posting works. Dad tried and did'nt get thru.

Lotus Reads said...

How did your Chuck-e-Cheese morning go? Can you believe I've never been inside one? Not sure how I managed to escape going to one as it's an almost mandatory excursion for most parents with little kids!

I love those pottery painting places; we have one here called "Crackpot", lol. S. had her birthday party there last year and made a little bowl for her guitar picks.

Hope your conscience is sufficiently appeased after those two wonderful outings, lol!