Sunday, January 15, 2006

random ramblings

nothing much to post, really.

item of note: mr. L has answered my call to pens (see previous post"voices") and composed this modern masterpiece of spam:

"between argue choose.
justice blue greater modern stairs talking.
my money wonder respect.
fail getting am added,
bought principle quickly telling across,
repeated principle word raised everyone near?
full how sandwich?
forth hurrying thank nervous again?
between suddenly word appearance repeated."

so far he is in first place, so if anyone would like to challenge him, now is the time. although i suppose the contest is open-ended, as i gave no finish line. good luck to any challengers, and thank you mr l. for providing us with at LEAST a days' worth of food for thought with that piece.

i should take a moment to wax philosophical on my geekhood. my name is melissa, and i AM a geek. case in point? the new sci-fi channel version of battlestar galactica. t was watching it regularly the first season while i was yawning. then we got the second season on dvd and i was riveted. i'm not quite sure why, but it must be the star trek appeal. somehow i got all caught up in that, too. only tng and voyager, but you get the idea. GEEK!

anyhow, battlestar has some interesting moral questions, a realistic ratio of women to men (unlike any other show on tv, i swear) and women in good roles. i like the religious and social issues it raises, but i don't like that you pretty much know that no one (important) will die. it's the red shirt effect, still left over from star trek the original series.

on a different note, the dog is coming along well. only 6 months old, and she's as smart as i never thought a dog of mine could be. she can sit, down, stay, off, drop, speak, shake, wait, and catch the ball in her mouth. she can do a ton of cool obstacles at obedience class too, i've GOT to get some equipment for home. she has a crazy tennis ball obsession. it is CONSTANT. she wants to play ball nonstop, and gets a fanatical look in her eye when searching/pleading/playing with the ball. sometimes i have to hide them all for her not to act so... well... creepy.

i promise a more cohesive post soon.

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Lotus Reads said...

LOL, what a beautiful word bouquet from Mr L. It would be hard to top that!

Come to think of it, I haven't seen SPAM in my mailbox in the longest time - never thought, until now, that I'd ever have reason to complain about that! lol

I have never been able to understand or enjoy Science Fiction. When I tell people that, they look at me with such pity that I have come to feel very sorry for myself. I feel like I'm being left out of one big giant party! I think the only piece of science fiction (if you can call it that) I've ever read is Margaret Atwood's "Oryx and Crake", but I think she prefers to call it speculative fiction.

Anyway, one of my resolutions this year is so read something from a genre that's outside of my comfort zone. Would welcome any suggestions in the "science fiction" and "mysteries" category. Merci Beaucoup.