Sunday, January 01, 2006

what are you doing new years'... new years' day??

welcome to 2006 to all of you who are here intentionally or accidentally. i am having myself a new years' party here, trying to read myself into oblivion and finish as many books as possible before tomorrow. the kids are cooperating with this, so all is right with the world. i'm on my 4th book in almost as many days and MAN it feels good. the one i'm on right now is "the last girls" by lee smith, and here is my favorite quote so far: "As opposed to rich white southerners who will tell you whatever they think you'd like to hear. they will tell themselves this, too, before they go ahead and do whatever it was that they wanted to do in the first place."

isn't that magnificent?

all this reading is an avoidance of real-life crashing down hard and fast. a project that i've been expecting for MONTHS hit the fan yesterday. i thought i'd be able to finish it (once it was in my hands) in a timely manner. hahahahaha! this is freelance, baby. saturday, new years eve, is not out of the question for a publisher to demand that you FINISH the job (the same one you still don't even have in your hands) by next week. okay. so today, when i really should start work on the project that i now have a bit of, i'm reading. why? you may ask? i am full time parent, compounded by that fact that my co-parent just hopped a plane to l.a. i begged friends and neighbors to pitch in for the next week so i can hopefully perform this miracle.

so next time you're reading one of those cute little books with the annoying push-button sounds on the right hand side, think of the poor mothers out there who slaved to bring it to you. 'nuff said. thank goodness this job pays really well.

i took our 2005 calendar-- a really cool shag tiki drinks one-- and put it in our calendar graveyard. i made not a single one of the swingin' mixed drinks portrayed in its' pages. (the dishwasher is malfunctioning in the background) it now joins the archives of our lives, in abbreviated form. who knows if we'll remember years from now what the scrawls in the little boxes mean? but i save them all anyway.

hello 2006! i barely know ya.

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