Saturday, January 21, 2006


i will not, for the sake of polite company visiting this blog, write what i personally call chuck-e-cheese's. i may get a "flag" on my blog, and no one wants that. so i'll regale you with the tale of our spectacular visit to the dazzling hall of chuck.

it was boring.

no, no, don't get me wrong, boring is GOOD when it comes to that place. far better than, say, "deadly" or "destructive." they've done some renovating, the games & rides are better, and it wasn't busy. unfortunately, i did NOT take my camera, so there is no photographic record with which i could (presumably) delight you, my readers. however, s DID ride the "say cheese for chuck-e" ride which provides you a fax-print photo of your child riding with the mouse himself.

The poor child looks slightly demonic in this high-quality image. and chuck could seriously use some pressed powder for that shine.

the pizza is EXACTLY what i remember from elementary school lunches, you know, where you take your paper napkin and soak up the grease on top before ingesting.

and i'll admit to actually enjoying playing skee-ball.

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Lotus Reads said...

LOL, glad the visit to Chuck-e-Cheese wasn't some extreme form of penance after all. The kids seemed to have had a good time and I love the picture!!! lol

Slightly off topic, but would you know how to install a "search" feature on my blog? I hate having to go through every single post from May 2005 to locate a certain review.