Tuesday, January 10, 2006

you are not a jedi, yet!

my son is also hoping for his own corporate sponsorship... from lucasfilm. maybe if he draws just enough star wars pictures and talks about star wars to everyone he meets, he'll be able to work himself a deal with george. however, i can't imagine that he'd want monetary compensation. he'd just want the merchandise. not like (between he and my husband) they don't already have most of the licensed star wars products available. we may have to buy ourselves a house just to house all of the toys. but that's okay since it will all (hopefully) be financed by lucas! we'll start a museum, right here in the middle of nowhere.

the drawing is pretty cute, though, one of his more detailed attempts. at this point, his goal in life is to be an artist just like his dad. most of dad's drawings from this age are of similar quality and of similar subjects. note the green goggles flying off of luke's head. nice detail, huh? and i guess nobody's taught him roman numerals yet, hence the "episode IIIII" title.

if you have not yet discovered my heritage, it is HILARIOUS! you upload a photo of yourself (or a family member) and it matches it with the celebrity you most resemble. we had a hoot with it last night. according to them, i most resemble shania twain, courtney cox, and charlize theron. HAHAHAHA! t looks like russell crowe, ewan macgregor, and christian slater. i wish i had the web page to post. it was really funny. give it a try! maybe it'll tell you that you look like j lo or brad pitt. good luck!

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Lotus Reads said...

LOL, I tried the 'heritage site' and according to them the celebrity I resemble the most is Matt LeBlanc from "Friends"! hrrrmmmmmph!

M is going to have such a laugh! lol