Monday, January 09, 2006


i think i'm hearing voices in my head. nonstop voices. voices that chatter, whisper, sadly, excitedly. constant voices, an endless stream of words, entering and exiting my consciousness at all hours of the day.

oh, wait, it's just my daughter.

honestly, she should get corporate sponsorship. if she could name drop a corporate word (ie: pepsi) every tenth or twentieth word, she may be able to pay her college tuition. probably the things she is saying are partly comedic (or otherwise) genius, but i wouldn't know because i'm drowning them out. i try to pay attention as much as possible, but it's just too much for anyone to focus on for an extended period of time.

i don't know WHERE she gets it.

i'm thinking corporate sponsorship for my blog, too! however, since the only reader (that i'm aware of) is lotusflower, i guess it wouldn't go over too well.

the other thing i'm considering is a CONTEST! that's right, the first official hello melissa contest. here's how it will (theoretically) go. choose your favorite piece of SPAM ; you know, the ones that have a long list of unrelated words at the end. take those words, and in 1000 words or less, create a story using every single one of them. how does that sound? the winner (i have a feeling it might be lotusflower) will get eternal satisfaction knowing that they have won the acclaim.

comments?? don't be shy!


Lotus Reads said...

C'mon folks, I'd hate to win the lovely Melissa's contest by default, so why don't some of you out there, challenge me to the essay writing contest? I'll bet you I could be easily beat!!! lol Give it a shot!!!

Mr. L said...

My son would give your daughter some competition! He starts talking as soon as he wakes up in the morning and stops when he falls
asleep at night...although sometimes he comments while he dreams, too.

Spam contest, eh? I usually delete it without reading it...may have to make an exception.

Mr. L said...

OK, here's one - the thing is, it's such poetry already that I couldn't change it!!

"between argue choose.
justice blue greater modern stairs talking.
my money wonder respect.
fail getting am added,
bought principle quickly telling across,
repeated principle word raised everyone near?
full how sandwich?
forth hurrying thank nervous again?
between suddenly word appearance repeated."

Brings a tear to the eye, doesn't it...

hellomelissa said...

AMAZING! did you change the syntax and the lines breaks? and add the punctuation?