Tuesday, December 06, 2005

a few free minutes

i have a second to write early this am because of dog, cats and children keeping me awake. i'm thinking of installing a padlock on the door! then the dog would be sure to tear at the carpet outside our door and do more damage than she's already done. linoleum, anyone??

took the kids to see the nutcracker on sunday. it was a lovely and highly professional student performance by the lovely dancers at tyb. even the kids seemed to like it, only got a little fidgety toward the end of the sugar plum fairy dance. i sat rapt with awe at the grace and strength of these young people. i know what blood, sweat and tears it takes to dance (and i suck at it)!

anybody want more disney photos?? well, of course you do. and, if not, here they are anyway. these are of disney/mgm studios. it was a little crowded the day we were there, and we stayed WAY too late for the children to see the water/light/fireworks show, fantasmic. highlights were the indiana jones stunt spectacular and the insanely scary tower of terror. we have scarred our children for life by taking them on that ride, but when asked, they'll say it was their favorite part. for those uninformed, it is an elevator ride that drops out from under you at random intervals. terrifying, truly.

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Lotus Reads said...

I will never tire of your Disney photos. The combination of your pictures and commentary transports me there without my having to move a limb! More please!!!