Tuesday, December 13, 2005

pine needles

there are pine needles everywhere, and now starts the first of, oh, six months or so cleaning them out of every crevice in our lives. they are in the van from when we bought the tree at walmart. a lovely, lush and fragrant douglas pine! it's all so wonderful at that point. then it trails needles through the garage (that get swept out continually until spring) and leaves a puddle on the living room floor. that's BEFORE we put it on the stand and decorate it. by then, the fallen needles are rattling in air vents, being tracked upstairs, and slipping under all the furniture. pesky little buggers! i have dreams at night of picking pine needles from my teeth and out of my hair. jane barfed up a pile of dog food and WHAT ELSE?? pine needles. i'd post a picture, but i couldn't snap one before she ate it right back up. kim was right!!! dogs ARE really disgusting. but i love her anyway.

before this season is over, the needles will be in our clothes, and settled in every toy under the tree. next year i think i'll get a fake.

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Lotus Reads said...

I feel your pain, Melissa! lol We've had a couple of trees that just wanted to shed and shed, but now we're finding that the Fraser Fir is pretty good about not shedding. They have a nice fruity smell too!