Monday, December 12, 2005

the veterans are coming! the veterans are coming!

they're coming to take it away, away! they're coming to take it AWAY! what are they taking, you ask?? why, all my CRAP from the attic, of course! i am so in love with the vietnam veterans of america right now i could cry. instead of having to schlep all of my gently used items all the way to a thrift shop, then convince the nasty ladies there to give me a tax receipt, i just have to put it on the porch! and they come take it! and they leave you a blank repeipt! it is bliss. i am planning to fill that porch as full as possible to get rid of as much as i can. i'm the anti-packrat... IT ALL MUST GO!!!!! especially before christmas, you know we've got a mountain of unopened gifts already. oh, dear.

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Lotus Reads said...

LOL, the relief is palpable! :)

It is a great idea to have an association like theirs take your stuff. This way, it can be put to good use and you don't have to lug it to a Goodwill. I think I will make a few calls too!