Saturday, December 10, 2005

no more late nights

man oh man. first you play, then you pay. after such a lovely evening, first with baby back ribs, then the art show, we did indeed get home a wee bit late. not terribly late, mind you, but a good hour and a half after h's usual bedtime. they went to bed so nicely and peacefully, i had high hopes for the morning. hah!

i even let them sleep in a little, even though we need to get up and moving on saturday morning in order to make it to dance by 9 am. the morning started well enough; we managed to get out the door and to s's dance class in time, but then the proverbial poop hit the fan. my lovely son was replaced by demon boy. he dawdles, he mopes, he resists, he cries, and he's WAY too old for all of it. after s's class and before h's class (a one hour layover) i made the mistake of going to the mall. when this did not go particularly well, i was already in a foul mood, but then i asked him to buckle his seat belt.

oh, my.

i got very angry at this point, turned around to buckle him myself, slammed my head into the tv (it comes out of the car ceiling) and then i was REALLY mad.

then we got to class.

he didn't want to do it.

gosh darn it, if i'm going to blow the entirety of saturday driving up there and killing time for almost 5 hours, not to mention the quantity of money it costs for the class, the gas, the drive-thru lunch, HE'S GOING TO CLASS. i made him at least sit and watch today, but if he pulls this garbage one more time, he's done for the rest of the year. i hate to threaten, but i don't know what else to do. one thing i know for certain...

there's no more family fun past eight o'clock at night.

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