Saturday, December 24, 2005

unexpected company

now, the post title could insinuate many things, but most would consider unexpected company to be unwelcome company. in this case, not so. i knew that ari was coming home from school in boston, and knew he was going to be nomadic, but he's discovered it's probably more comfortable here (even with screaming children and barking dog) than at friends' houses. he's been busy seeing everyone and not around much, but it's still good to have him here. he's keeping t company and helping to paint the attic. the kids are excited like they always are when any of the never shows up to play.

ari leaves tomorrow for the beach to be with his beloved, but maybe he'll come back to stay with us before heading back to the great white north. company like this is always a welcome distraction! especially in the hectic days before christmas. i have a full-on feast to cook before tonight... and i'm really not complaining. after cooking low-carb for t for so long, mashing potatoes will be a pleasure. our friends the caplans (with 3 kids) are coming over, and i'm hoping for a really warm and nice christmas eve dinner.

oh! and i finally figured out what to get t for his birthday. i'm so excited! i really hope he likes it, we'll have to have a party when he gets back from l.a. if i haven't mentioned it, he's leaving january 1 for a few days of work on preproduction for a new film. i'll keep y'all posted.

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