Wednesday, December 21, 2005

google adsense

i had heard that adding google adsense COULD potentially make money if someone clicks it from your website. this is highly doubtful at my meager blog, but i had also heard it's kind-of funny to see what ads it posts on your blog, as it uses phrases from your posts to choose which ads go up. hilarious! one time it said "get your house extra clean!" (i'm paraphrasing). another time it told me i could get rid of unwanted dryer lint. yet another time it extolled the animal kingdom lodge at discount prices. so now every time i post, i can't wait to see the google ad it's gonna show. try it, you'll like it!

twas the week before christmas, and if we WERE in the house, only jane would be stirring, since we're all too busy doing other things elsewhere. the kids both have nutcracker dance camp all week and they're having a ball! i'm getting last minute gifts and food for the feast. also, i went to the gym and had a nice leisurely lounge in the steam room after my workout. ahhh.... how i miss those steamy summer days. i am so cold blooded that even southern winters are too bitter for me. pathetically, i have an electric throw blanket on the sofa for watching tv at night.

i told the kids i'd give 'em each a quarter for every time they ran around the house (with the dog). after a half an hour, i'm looking out at their flagging energy and wondering how they lasted so long. i'm gonna have to cough up a mint. maybe they'll sleep well and have visions of sugarplums. highly unlikely given that they have no idea what a sugarplum is. s keeps having grinch nightmares. i try to tell her that the grinch is good now, but if you go to the email santa website, the return letters to both my kids said that the grinch is stealing mrs claus' cookies. this fueled s's worry that the grinch is INDEED still bad. thanks alot, email

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Lotus Reads said...

I just peeked at adsense and it was extolling a product that deodarizes poop! They say it makes a nice gift! Hilarious! Why didn't I see this when I was making my Christmas list? LOL