Friday, December 09, 2005

kids art show

ahh, the photo will get here as soon as i load it from the camera. i'm like one of those silly commercials with the kid saying 'mom i've been in your camera for 6 months, can you print me out now?' but not really. so alas, until i load, you'll have to deal with a visual description. the lovely folks at chapel hill comics, andy and vanessa, hatched the brilliant plan to host an art show for childrens art. highly inspired, and it was so cool to see the young artists at the opening. h entered 2 pieces and s entered one. the kids could have them for sale (name their own price even!) but ours decided not to sell. h, however, with his keen eye for art, chose to purchase a piece from a budding 6 year old artist named sadie zimet entitled 'evil'. he spent $13 of his hard earned allowance on it, and he won't even get to see it until the show comes down in a month. again, i will be sure to post a photo of 'evil', it's just fantastic.

who's clamoring for more disney photos?? i know, NOBODY!! well, i'm posting them anyway. and you'll have to just wait for pics from the art show, unless the lovely lady vanessa has beat me to it and put the up on the comic shop site. check it out!

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