Thursday, April 27, 2006


i did the word cloud as suggested by lotus, by way of guinnessgirl. here is how it turned out:

i wish i could make out all of the words on it, even the hi-res version they emailed me was not entirely readable. i'm not sure i want a tshirt made out of it (the site's ultimate goal) but i did enjoy the fact that it captured the essence of my life.

some of the words that got strung together formed little phrases... some drunk on alliteration. like, "married mean melissa," "home husband illustrator,"complete content cool darling daughter," "muddy multi night objectionable old one," and "busy carolina children." pretty funny stuff! and random!


Lotus Reads said...

Glad you tried the Word Cloud, Melissa! I like how you thought to string the words together to form phrases. The girls and I were trying that on my wordcloud last night - we thought of them as "cosmic" messages. It was a fun exercise! :)

Jay said...

I found my word cloud to be disappointing - not one swear word made it! So not true to life!

hellomelissa said...

oh, miss jay, you have no idea. i made a promise to not put any swear words on my blog, and to TRY not to be critical. i think i need to start an anonymous blog full of cuss words and nasty jabs, just to get it out of my system! i was having a cuss- word conversation with my 7 year old son last night and asked him if he knew the b word. he giggled and said, "you mean bullshit?" well that's not the one i had in mind, but he obviously knows them, too!

Anonymous said...
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