Sunday, April 23, 2006

shakin' at shakori

since thursday we've been spending a good bit of time at the festival and again, i don't have many photos. perhaps i'll have enough foresight to take some today, and we are heading out soon. at left is the hairdo that my darling daughter gave me while the "asshat" (thank you for the apt adjective, j!) film students were interviewing me about being the wife of a cool guy. honestly, they are nice guys, but i was steaming the other day over their lack of sticking to schedule. all important when young children are involved, don't you think? well, i wore my hair in evil jimmy neutron style for the rest of the day and i think s might have a future as a stylist.

the festival has face painters, but who wants to wait in line when mom can do it at home? the girl wanted to be a dalmatian yesterday and a border collie today. h wanted to have 'tenchi' stripes (a japanese animated character) then nothing today. i did get a shot of my 2 border collies together, but the canine one wasn't being all that cooperative. i had to use all the stern commands i know from dog obedience class just to make her sit, terrified, in front of the camera. vaccuums and cameras are her problem areas. most dogs are afraid of thunderstorms... and this weekend has been riddled with them!... but not jane. oh, no. just cameras and vaccuums.

here's a morning-after-camping shot from friday. h is on the far right, and our friends that braved the campsite with us are on the left. it wasn't good sleeping, that's for sure. i swear, once the zydeco stopped playing, the rooster (no joke) started crowing. the kids did better than the adults, but everyone needed a nap, whether they thought so or not. our tent is really quite large and homey, and has been nice for hanging out in the evenings... reading ghost stories... having a drink or two... all good for the essential family bonding.

we ended up getting to see the never, shannon o'connor, a little of donna the buffalo, and lots more in passing. today we may get there in time to see woodwork roadshow.

the other highlight of the fest is the food. i've had amazing greek and fabulous curry. s and t had homemeade ice cream. i could eat all day. well, i guess we'd better get going. already excited for the return of the grassroots festival next fall.

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Lotus Reads said...

Love the hairstyle and love the face painting! You're good! Showed the pictures to N., she thinks you're way cool!

Look forward to more pics!!!