Monday, April 03, 2006

just life.

oh, i was doing SO well for a while there, wasn't i? a post every day or every other day! sorry it's been AAAAAALLLLLLLLLL weekend since i've posted, i've fallen off the blog wagon.

maybe that's just because there isn't too much to discuss in my life that's of any interest in the blogosphere. would you like to hear the one about how i spent all day saturday with my friend beth on the neighborhood petition to fight redistricting? we drove around the 'hood, gathering data... figuring out which volunteer would get which houses to sign the petition... BLAH!

or perhaps the one about how i shirked my petition duty on sunday to go to the park with my children for a birthday gathering? NAAAAHH!

and today is the most INTERESTING of all my busy days. accountant's office, kinko's, dry mounting place, DMV. the best part of this is i stood in line at the dmv until i couldn't wait any longer to go to the bathroom, thus losing my place in line. i didn't have the heart to stand there AGAIN. and i went to walmart! ohh, what a life of interestingness.

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Lotus Reads said...


You can always exchange a day with me if you like --- I had to haul two huge boxes of books to the local library yesterday (their big Spring Sale is tomorrow). Then I had to make two visits to S.'s school because she "forgot" to take her math papers and her lunch. I also had to go to the garbage dump/recycle centre to drop off a couple of gadgets that didn't work anymore. The only redeeming part of my day was the 90 mins of badminton I got to play! :)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that today's going to be a more interesting one for the both of us!