Tuesday, April 04, 2006

i'm a mess

some of you may want to dim your monitors for this post which is dedicated to BETH who actually had to see me like this a few hours ago (the image is burned into her brain forever). and of course, she was wearing an adorable matching track suit.

we'll start at the top of the heap of the mess that is me.

Hair: short hair and bedhead DO NOT MIX. take precautionary measures.

Face: indecipherable in this photo (courtesy t) are the splotches of smeared mascara under each eye and the big bulbous zit on the bridge of my nose, right between my eyes.

Shirt: everyone needs a supergirl jammie shirt in pink. plus, it hides the sunburn (yes, SUNBURN. in april.) that i got on my back & shoulders at the park on sunday.

Track jacket: that still smells like the dog treats that were in the pocket for a training session. it's also never been anywhere near an actual track.

Pants: navy blue terry cloth, need i say more?

Shoes: brown suede gap flats with little tassels that really tie the whole look together, don't they? whatever's sitting by the front door is whatever goes.

i'm missing my customary hand-painted coffee mug, i guess i already drank it. i'm also missing my big magenta polarfleece bathrobe. the newspaper is partially chewed by the dog "helping" me get it each morning. it's a comedy of errors each day getting jane to "drop it" and "leave it" before the news is in shreds.

in my defense, i'm really only grabbing for whatever clothing may still be on the bedroom floor each morning in the dark. you really can't blame me for not turning on the light. but the poor bus driver! she sees me in some semblance of this outfit every morning. when i show up to school looking NORMAL, she kind of looks creeped out, like, 'i know what you REALLY look like.' either that or she doesn't even recognize me.

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up! And how could I not comment with such a special tribute. I didn't think you'd actually do it! At least this was 7am, not noon like me the other day! No modesty in this neighborhood.

Love the Walmart post! I feel like they're screwing with my head. Let me know if you find soy nuts, I've been looking for 3 weeks...this week the little girls' underwear disappeared. Em took that personally.