Wednesday, April 26, 2006

stepping stone

hello to all the faithful readers who couldn't sleep at night for the image of that potty burned into their brains! and thank you to mr. l for making me laugh until i cried YET AGAIN! hahahah! christmas card! *sniff*

for more poopie humor, please refer to the unrated version of 'team america: world police' which had me howling and pounding the floor, my tears blinding me until i had to rewind twice to get the whole story. it really is a brilliant satire of the world we call home, if you can tolerate the 'south park'-like insults. i'm not a particularly pc person (if you couldn't already tell), so i found it hilarious.

s made a stepping stone yesterday with the kit that was given to her by our good friends in milwaukee, jill & john. sorry for the nudie pic... it's hard to keep clothing on my daughter. the stone turned out really pretty, and i placed it by the patch of iris near the swingset where she can enjoy it. h has a matching kit, so maybe we'll have two pretty stepping stones out there soon.

i knew y'all were clamoring for more kid crafts! :)

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Mr. L said...

We have that same clothing problem with my son. As soon as he gets in the house, the pants come off. I wonder when/if he'll grow out of it?? It's cute at 6 but not so attractive at 40! Well, I guess it depends on who's home at the time... :)