Saturday, April 15, 2006

we dyed on our anniversary

yes, today is our anniversary! and what are we doing?? thankfully, not paying taxes... we've got a couple more days this year to think about writing THOSE checks. no, we are dyeing our eggs for easter instead of frolicking at a planned easter egg hunt because the girlie one is still sick. we're all pretty tired, too, after a long night last night. but i digress. the egg process went fairly smoothly this year, each year it gets easier and easier to do these projects as the children get older and older. we did some wax-resist eggs, and some two tone eggs. now we will be eating egg salad and casseroles with eggs for the next week. and that's OKAY!

we did have a minor explosion earlier... s came in from outside --after being TOLD not to touch the bug repellant-- screaming that she had gotten some in her eyes. i panicked and flushed them thoroughly with water, then put her on the bed to rest her eyes for a minute. still shaking, i came downstairs to check on the boy, and immediately we heard hysterical, maniacal, panicked screaming from back upstairs. i honestly thought my daughter was in the throes of a painful and agonizing death from the tone of her voice. i dropped everything and bolted up the stairs as fast as i could... all the possible scenarios flashing through my brain as i skipped 2 stairs at a time. dog bit her face off? electrocution? black widow spider bite?????? man, the multitude of horrors that can go through your mind in that split-second when you think your kid is in danger! i found her in her room, and there was a bug in the window. that was it. all that screaming panic for a little bug. i almost lost it at her. seems we have a cry wolf problem in our family.

hopefully t and i will be able to get out and celebrate 11 years of wedded bliss tonight. heather is maybe going to come watch the kids and then i can decompress with a niiiiice glass of mommy juice. won't that be niiiice?

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Lotus Reads said...

Congratulations to you both!!!!!!!! Wow @ eleven years and may you have many,many more!!!

This is a really brief comment, sorry, but I so wanted to wish you both! Maybe I'll stop by again later!