Wednesday, April 19, 2006

death to pez

this is the unfortunate state in which i found the fuzzy teddy bear pez dispenser this morning. there is no question in my mind which child perpetrated this heinous crime against candy. it was our daughter, who normally is an animal loving child, but obviously saw fit to heartlessly stab the bear RIGHT where the candy comes out with a santa claus pencil. ah, the horror of it all.

i honestly don't blame her, as yesterday turned into a pretty frustrating day for all of us. it's spring break, and since we are not vacationing, i promised the children a plethora of enticing activities for their enjoyment. upon awakening yesterday, we kept discussing our myriad possibilities for the gorgeous day... but t informed us that the unc students who are filming a documentary about him would be here 'sometime after noon' to film some footage of the family. well, that ruled out an all-day excursion, which is almost ANY excursion from home, as we live so far in the country. we bided our time through the morning, growing increasingly restless as we picked up yard toys and swept the drive. at noon time we drew pictures, ate lunch and played board games while champing at the bit. around 2 the poop hit the fan when h 'accidentally' pushed s off my bed, and each child was sent to a separate room to read books for 1/2 hour to chill out. at 3, when the students weren't here, i started making other plans, and took kids and dog for a long walk around the 'hood.

at 5:15, when they STILL weren't here, i took the kids off to the theater to see the new disney flick 'the wild.' the whole way there i was imagining those students apologizing to me for never showing up, and me saying, 'oh, that's okay! you can come by tomorrow and entertain the natives all day long and wonder if and when i'm ever going to show back up to take them back!' bad, bad melissa for thinking such evil thoughts. the movie... well... let me just say that i can't even BEGIN to tell you how badly it sucked. i am a big fan of disney, animation, fantasy, you name it, but i felt like we've already SEEN this movie 100 times! haven't we SEEN the lion king? madagascar? why make it again?

anyhow, the kids loved it and were put straight to bed upon re-entry. today promises to be better as we're going to the lake, and we're going EARLY and we're spending the WHOLE DAY there. wahoo! we love the lake.


Mr. L said...

I think they'll keep making the same movie until people stop going to see it!! Thanks for the warning.

J said...

Asshats for not showing up. Enjoy the lake today....sounds WAY better than ANY Disney movie since Lion King, to me. :) Actually, better than any movie, at all, period. Bring sunscreen, and while I'm working, I'll live vicariously through you.