Monday, April 10, 2006


here's a lovely shot of the sunrise off the side porch for you this morning. it was even lovelier in real life, with the crisp morning air and my breath coming out in steamy puffs. after this i had to face real life again, but it certainly makes a monday morning a little nicer. i need to pay bills today and if i don't get back to the gym my stress level is going to cause an implosion in my brain. so there you have it.

my loving husband's stress is significantly decreased over the purchase of his new baby. he's so phenomenally over-excited about this silly thing with two wheels... it might be catching if i weren't stewing over the impracticality of it all. his argument was gas mileage. you know, with gas prices being so high. my comeback was what you save in gas you make up for in insurance and property tax! but whatever. he's in heaven and promises to get healthier within the next year or i can put the bike on ebay. and this is written proof of the agreement! right?

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Lotus Reads said...

Congrats to hubby on his new toy! :))) Now that the weather has improved I'm seeing a huge increase in motorcycle activity on the roads - they always seem to be having so much fun that I get a little jealous! ;) Maybe we should buy ourselves a sporty convertible each? :)