Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Darling Mummy

on the left is only an example of ONE of the adorable tees and accessories at Darling Mummy. i had to buy this t-shirt, it's just too appropriate for words!

if you order and enter the coupon code uump, they'll ship free (although only in the us, i think).

check out some of the sassy sayings, stylish belts, and cool bags on their site. i'm so impressed, i wish i would have thought of this stuff!

i've been needing lots and lots of mommy juice lately while slogging through the remainder of tax season, pta meetings, and deadlines. it's one of those times when i'm trying to get all the things that have been weighing on me FINISHED so they'll be out of my brain forever (to be replaced by other pressing things, i'm sure) rather than procrastinating. today is the last of my intermediate dog obedience sessions, so i'll be able to take a big red marker and put a CHECK next to "TRAIN DOG" on my list of things to do. and boy, does that feel good. liberation, here i come!!!! oh, wait... next week is spring break! well, maybe by the time we head to england i'll have the weight off my shoulders.


Lotus Reads said...

Very Cute! Besides the "mommy juice" one I also liked "Mood Swing" and "Perfect excuse for a short skirt'. I know my kids might be tempted to give me the "mood swing" one! I swear I'm not moody, they just 'think' I am, especially when they get yelled at for not doing what they were supposed to do or for doing what they were not supposed to do! OK, I am getting too wordy here - time to sign off! ;)

Mr. L said...

I take exception...just the other day, my wife and I joined another couple for "parent juice"!!! I may have to get one of these for Mrs. L!

Tracy said...

That's so funny! I can't wait to go check out their other designs!