Thursday, May 04, 2006

blogging hiatus

oh, i know, it's the words everyone hates to use. sad but true, i'm signing off for a while. i don't think i'll have a sane enough thought to coherently pull together into a post before t and i leave for england on monday. after that point, i won't have internet access for a week (we're not taking the laptop) so no stories 'til after i get back.

in a way, having no internet and no cell phones will be a relief-- a true vacation.

we will be doing a bit of sightseeing before the business part of the trip kicks in, and hopefully i'll be chock full o' jolly good british tales when i return.

cheerio! and may the force be with you all.


Lotus Reads said...

Bye Melissa, have fun, be safe and I'll miss ya!!! Look forward to hearing all about your vacation when you get back!

Jay said...

Enjoy your trip!

J said...

Have a great time! I wonder if, when you're tripping around England, you'll be thinking of the words you want to use on your blog when you get back...I find myself writing posts in my mind in the weirdest times...

A week without a computer sounds like a good idea, though. Enjoy!