Friday, May 19, 2006

prior park landscape gardens

overlooking bath are the prior park landscape gardens, just about a 20 minute walk (straight uphill) from our b & b. it was recommended by our host, peter, and was the perfect thing to do after our trip to stonehenge. the day was breezy, warm and sunny, and the nature trails and vistas of the park were stunning.
there was a private (catholic, i think) school just past the gardens up the hill, shown below. these students get to overlook the view every day! imagine the deprivation they must feel. i'm thinking of encouraging our children to go away to college in bath, if only so we can visit often.

below is the vista, bath in the distance. there is a gorgeous palladian bridge over the lake, as you can see.
the next photo is simply a reverse angle from the bottom of the hill, but no less majestic. i was so glad we spent the afternoon wandering in the hills! there is also a 6 mile "skyline walk" that you can hike in the hills above bath. we opted NOT to do this, but did exit the park the back way and wandered down quaint narrow lanes back into town. it was fantastic.

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J said...

Oh my god...that's SO beautiful. Not at all like what I had in my mind, and so much nicer.